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Synaptic plasticity effects in self-organized memristive nanowire networks

Self-organized memristive nanowire (NW) networks realized with a bottom-up approach represent promising platforms for the implementation of unconventional types of computing paradigms.

Differently from conventional memristive crossbar architectures realized with a top-down approach where the behavior depends on each single memory element that has to be addressed independently, NW networks exhibit an emergent behavior where players are not individuai nano-objects but their interactions. The NW network emergent behavior is related to i) wiring plasticity due to the rupture/rewiring of single NWs and ii) weight plasticity associated to resistive switching phenomena at NW junctions. Thanks to these effects, the NW network reconfigures when subjected to external electrical stimuli showing structural plasticity with heterosynaptic capability.

Speaker: Dr. Gianluca Milano (INRiM - Politecnico di Torino)

Join us on this discussion on 1st of July, 5 pm (CEST), about the exploitation of the physics of self-organized networks of nano-objects to do neuromorphic computation.

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