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Istituto Nazionale di Ricerca Metrologica (Italy)

Contacts: Gianluca MILANO, g.milano@inrim.it, - Luca BOARINO, l.boarino@inrim.it

Web-site: https://sites.google.com/inrim.it/adv-mat-dev/


NanoFacility Piemonte

NanoFacility Piemonte is part of the QR INRiM laboratory complex where particle control chamber is available in ISO class 5 and ISO class 7.
This facility allows the realization of micro- and nanoscale materials and devices through electron beam lithography, focused ion beam sculpturing, optical lithography. Also, in these laboratories several systems are operative for deposition and chemical etching of metallic, insulating and magnetic thin films.

Clean Room

The Clean Room (ISO class 5) is mainly dedicated to sample preparation and optical lithographic processes.

It is equipped with two chemical hoods (one of which is used to photoresist spin coating), a laser lithography apparatus Heidelberg uPG101 with 375 nm diode laser source and two systems dedicated to UV optical lithography and mask allignment.

Experimental Equipment

Electrical Resistance Tomography

Electrical resistance tomography (ERT) is a way to perform traceable and spatially resolved electrical measurements of thin films and 2D materials.
This technique retrieves a map of the electrical conductivity of the interior of the sample from a set of four-terminal resistance measurements performed at its boundary.
It can be easily implemented without lithographic steps.

First ERT map of a graphene was achieved at INRIM in 2019.

Electrical noise analyzer

The electrical noise analyzer developed at INRIM is based on cross-correlation, which rejects to a large extent the noise of the amplifiers, and thus allows to determine the device noise power spectrum under DC current excitation.
Our cross-correlation analyzer is based on a two-channel voltage signal conditioning system, including low-noise, high-gain amplifiers and a synchronous sampling system. The acquired samples are processed by a digital correlation algorithm.


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