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Teknologian tutkimuskeskus VTT Oy (Finland)

Contacts: Sayani MAJUMDAR, sayani.majumdar@vtt.fi

Web-site: https://www.vttresearch.com/en


Micronova cleanroom is dedicated to micro and nanofabrication facilities and structural and electrical characterization.

Microelectronics and Quantum Technologies

VTT’s Micro and Nanoelectronic device fabrication facility, Micronova cleanroom is the largest R&D cleanroom in Nordic countries with over 2600 m2 area.

It provides infrastructure for 150 mm and 200 mm wafer processing including i-line stepper, mask-aligners, and high-end 100 keV electron beam lithography tools accompanied by multiple deposition methods (sputtering, evaporation, electroplating, (PE)CVD, (PE)ALD) and reactive plasma etching (metal, oxide, silicon, DRIE), chemical dry etching (HF-vapour, XeF2), ion milling, and wet etching benches.

It has dedicated superconductive device and CMOS fabrication lines with monitored process performance.

The facilities are suitable for from research activities to small volume manufacturing.

Experimental Equipment

Wafer-scale electrical characterization

200 mm wafer scale electrical resistance measurement setup at VTT.

Electrical Resistance Tomography

Electrical resistance measurements of thin films and devices over wafer scale ensures homogeneity of performance of the fabricated devices. A map of the electrical conductivity gives a proper estimation of the range of variability that the readout circuit needs to handle.

Monolithically integrated standalone chip.

Monolithically integrated chip

In MemQuD, VTT will mainly contribute in readout circuit design for the developed memristors for their future monolithic integration to a standalone chip.


People involved in the project

Senior Scientist.

Dr. Sayani Majumda

NV memories, nanodevices, spintronics, ferroelectrics, 2D semiconductors, neuromorphic computing, adaptive sensing.

Senior Scientist.

Arto Rantala

ASIC design for sensor & memory read-outs, data-converters, and neural networks.