What are MemQuDs?


MEMQuDs – MEMristive Quantum Devices – are electrochemical cells based on a metal-insulator-metal structure that exhibit quantized conductance phenomena at room temperature, in air and without applying magnetic field.

The working principle of these devices is based on “resistive switching” phenomena that enable the manipulation of the internal state of resistance of the device depending on the history of applied voltage and current.

When a voltage is applied in between the two metal electrodes, dissolution and migration of metal ions driven by the electric field is responsible for the formation of a conductive pathway (filament) bridging the two electrodes reversibly changing the internal state of resistance of the device.

If the filament size is electrically manipulated down to the atomic scale, electronic conduction does not follow the Ohm’s law and the device resistance is quantized in multiples of the fundamental quantum of conductance G_0.

[pic @nanofacility.inrim]